I was thinking about a reluctant superhero, an X-men like character who wouldn’t use their powers. And why? That question led me down a rabbit hole, and I ended up with this story.

A version of this story was published in the journal Whiplash. But once the rights reverted back to me, I started tinkering with it again. Finally, I released it on Kindle in 2021. 

It went on to be the bestseller on the Amazon Kindle store in the science fiction section. The story has had quite a journey and through it all, it taught me so much about writing, and even publishing and book marketing. 

One Dream Is Not Enough

In 2019, Mr. Badri Baldawa, the first Indian to visit the North Pole, requested me to co-write his biography. He had attempted it himself, but kept falling short of words and structure. Enter me. I was young(er) then, and I told him I’d write his biography in 6 months. Turns out, it took me 6 months just to write the first draft and almost a year after to edit it. Come December of 2020, I finally sent him the completed manuscript. Writing a book in someone else’s voice has taught me so, so much. 

It was published on 10th September, 2021.

Hack Into Your Creativity

When Michael Burns, a friend and mentor, asked me to help with a book he was working on, I instantly agreed. He was writing a book which compiled thousands of writing prompts—prompts for writers to use—to get them writing. Writing is my first love and it’s always a joy to help others discover writing too. I drafted these prompts while I was on a trek through Ladhak. It was a fun project and kept me writing through the mountains. 

This one is quite special—it was the first time any of my words appeared in a book. 


The Autobiography of a Dictionary was the first story I’d ever written way back in school. Once I decided to follow my path as a writer, I rewrote this story and it was published in an online journal called Your Story Club. Eventually, a director from the Bahamas, Vijay Subramanian, reached out and asked whether he could convert my story into a short film. I readily agreed. Two years later, he made the film. And it has been a huge success. You can watch it below for free. 

The Autobiography of a Dictionary

It’s almost funny, but just when Vijay was finishing the audio work on his film, another director, Shifas Sharaf from Bangalore reached out. He wanted to make a short film on the same story, but in Malayalam. I was quite curious to see how another person might interpret my story and how it will translate to a different language. I gave him a go-ahead and they made the movie, now called Bio. My curiosity was sated, both the films are completely distinct. The Malayalam version has such a dark tone to the whole story, I love it. You can watch it below for free.


Publication History

Short Stories

  • An Act of Kindness to be published in The Written Circle’s anthology. [December 2021] [Second prize winning story in The Written Circle’s Short Story Prize]
  • Anomalies to be published in Bluegraph Press. [2023]
  • Message from Mars published in The Meraki Magazine. [February 2020]
  • The Box published in Chaicopy Volume 3 Issue 1 Yours Truly. [March 2019]
  • Home published in Whiplash. [December 2018] [Now an ebook on Kindle]
  • Autobiography of a Dictionary republished in Futura Magazine. [April 2014]
  • Autobiography of a Dictionary published in Your Story Club. [Editor’s choice]

Self-Published Short Stories

Personal Narratives

On Writing

Writing Experiments


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